Systemic Team Coaching

When is team coaching useful?

  • Lacking clarity and/or alignment about around shared purpose, strategy, priorities, accountabilities, roles and responsibilities.
  • Finding ways ways to respond to external conditions and expectations of stakeholders
  • Addressing tension, conflict and lack of trust in team relationships
  • Experiencing changes in the team – restructuring, changing membership, new leader appointment
  • Increasing diversity of thinking and appreciation for each other’s disciplines

How does it work?

My role is to create unique interventions to release the talents of Boards, Executive and Leadership teams.

Teams are created to serve organisations but often find themselves caught up with their own internal worlds. I coach ‘systemically,’ ensuring that the team is always thinking about what it uniquely can do to meet the needs of the world beyond it.

Teams already have the resources to do great things; the skill in coaching is in bringing out what is already there. So rather than come in my mind made up, I work with each client to design unique interventions that will release the innate ability of the team. I call this approach ‘artisan’ or ‘bespoke’.

The levels we attend to:

  • The individual level – personal drivers, goals and behaviours
  • The inter-personal level – relationships between team members, building on diversity and difference
  • Team dynamics – the way people function as a team, collaborating to achieve more together than they can individually
  • Team task, mission and intent – the team’s collective purpose and joint processes, to deliver what is expected of them as a team
  • Stakeholder interfaces – relationships with stakeholders, including bosses, shareholders, suppliers, direct reporting team(s), customers
  • The wider systemic environment – the impact of the political, economic, social, technical, legal and environmental influences

Phase I

The drivers measured by teamSalient®

This involves the initial contracting, inquiry and diagnostic with your team. We will do this in three main ways:

  • An initial conversation with the team leader / commissioner / business sponsor.
  • The Application of the teamSalient® team diagnostic tool (sample report here). This measures 16 drivers of team effectiveness, and helps your team identify critical gaps, key strengths and improvement areas, and how you can extend your capability beyond the team’s current level of effectiveness.
  • One-to-one conversations with team members and relevant stakeholders. This helps consolidate a clear picture of your team’s reputation, how it feels to be part of the team, individual and collective development opportunities, in line with your broader organisational strategy.

A personalised report is prepared and shared with the whole team. This forms the basis of a half-day Development Workshop where we review the insights and hypothesis coming out of from stage and prioritise key focus areas.

Phase II

Based on the insights derived from Phase I, we will together design and cost a 6-9 months process of working with your team. Because I do not believe that ‘one size fits all’, I will draw on a whole range of possible approaches and tools, so that the work I do with your team is bespoke. This may include:

  • Team facilitation of management/ business meetings
  • Team Development away-days to improve collective leadership and interpersonal dynamics
  • Regular check-ins with team leader
  • Individual coaching, addressing leadership and team membership
  • World-class psychometrics, generating excellent self-awareness and momentum for change
  • Cascade learning across the organisation

The cost, frequency and intensity of the work will be discussed and agreed on at the outset – so that we know exactly what we can expect from each other.


What are the priorities? How can the team jointly clarify and agree how it will execute these expectations, influence change and sustain performance?


How can the team deliver this in a highly co-creative way, as a collective endeavour, as a combined unit rather than as separate individuals?


What do our stakeholders require of us, now and in the future, that we can uniquely provide?


Does the team have a strategy on how it is connecting with its stakeholders and wider organization?

Over to you.

I’m inviting you to press pause. A pause to think, reflect, take stock, gain clarity. 

If you:

  • are a Founder, CEO or Senior leader in a young entrepreneurial organisation, and
  • are looking for support for yourself and/or your team, and
  • would benefit from a confidential informal conversation about your particular aspirations and context

… then let’s grab a virtual coffee or tea together. 

Slow down in order to accelerate.