Systemic team coaching for leadership teams

What is it?

Systemic Team Coaching is a process of coaching the whole team both when they are together and apart over a designated period of time in order to:

  • Align on a common purpose
  • Improve their collective performance and how they work together
  • Build on their differences
  • Develop their collective leadership
  • Engage more effectively with all stakeholder groups
  • Jointly transform the wider context¬†

When is team coaching useful?

  • The team lacks clarity and focus on shared goals and collective performance
  • The team needs to lead organisational change
  • Team members have little understanding and appreciation for each other’s disciplines
  • The team has become ‘stuck’
  • Teams experience tensions, conflict or insufficient diversity in thinking
  • A new team leader has been appointed
  • The team needs to enhance collaborative decision making
  • Team members need a safe space for opening up to the true conversations
  • The team needs an independent and external perspective
  • The team needs to identify new ways of responding to external conditions and engaging the critical stakeholder groups

What is the process?

Phase One

Involves the initial contracting, inquiry and diagnosis. This is achieved through an initial conversation with the team leader / commissioner / critical stakeholders, followed by an exploration of the four quadrants below with the whole team and an application of the Team Connect 360 diagnostic tool (Sample report). The output is shared with the team leader.

Phase Two

Involves an initial six months engagement covering a series of interventions involving the whole team / the team leader / the team members individually. This can involve team off-sites, coaching the team at work, facilitation, using technology to support team development etc. Depending on selected intensity and time commitment, specific psychometrics can be used to deepen awareness of self and impact on others.

The five disciplines model of team coaching, by Peter Hawkins


What are the priorities? How can the team jointly clarify and agree how it will execute these expectations, influence change and sustain performance?


How can the team deliver this in a highly co-creative way, as a collective endeavour, as a combined unit rather than as separate individuals?


What do our stakeholders require of us, now and in the future, that we can uniquely provide?


Does the team have a strategy on how it is connecting with its stakeholders and wider organization?