Leadership Development

Making leadership development work 'stick'

What is it?

I focus on designing and embedding personalised / individualised learning journeys for leaders and teams. 
HBR reports that globally companies spend around $350 billion yearly on employee training and education. Anecdotal evidence on skills transfer suggests that barely 10% of this investment delivers concrete results.
We have often walked out from engaging and motivating workshops, only to fall back into old patterns and behaviours, forgetting most of what we had learned.

I am here to challenge that.

What are successful learning journeys about?

  • The translation of knowledge into actionable insights, new mindset, behaviours and habits that drive business results
  • The good use of psychometrics and 360 behavioural feedback to increase self awareness and recognise impact on others
  • Identifying key high-value experiences that enable accelerated learning
  • Integrating the discipline of reflection on experience
  • Using observable and measurable data to track and celebrate progress
  • Using tech and digital learning to socialise learning and embed it into day-to-day activities
  • Learning with and through others by using communities of practice, mentoring, peer groups, action learning and coaching mastery
  • Cultivating a learning culture that enables the individual to take responsibility for their growth and development
  • Making learning enjoyable! 

Frameworks and tools