Alexandru Popa Antohi – old update

I work with business leaders in innovative, entrepreneurial organisations, who want and deserve to take themselves, their teams and their business to the next level.

What problem am I tackling?

The burden

Leaders feel burdened by the responsibility to continuously deliver outstanding results. They share this responsibility across the organisation, and especially in leadership teams. Together, they feel the constant pressure to meet the demands and expectations placed on them.

How it's expressed

Teams are the currency of the 21st-century organisations. They need to respond fast to an ever-changing environment and meet the expectations of their different stakeholders.

How it's felt

Teams can experience feelings of confusion (about a lack of clarity or shared purpose), anxiety (due to insufficient trust and connection), frustration (about limited result or progress), disengagement (due to wasted time, opportunities, resources).

Why it matters

People want to be part of teams and organisations that do good in the world, and where they feel proud to bring their unique contributions, in service of the higher good.​

How do I respond?

Having seen hundreds of business leaders at work, I understand the burden they face to deliver strong results, multiply their impact, and make teams work effectively. It can feel overwhelming, and often a lonely journey.


My approach is to work alongside business leaders and teams, as a trusted thinking partner. As individuals and teams are unique, I work with each client to design bespoke interventions to release their innate abilities. I bring to my work deep psychological insights, organisational authority and experience, and an understanding of the opportunities for reflexive, shared leadership in complex modern organisations.

What is the journey?

You can step up to your next level by following this journey.

As a leader, focus on your development first.

Then, focus on the development of the whole team.

Self-sustain and become autonomous in your work.

Share the learning across the organisation.

In the process, we’ll use a mix of things, including self-reflection, interviews, application of world-class psychometrics and tools, individual executive coaching, team level facilitation and live action coaching, regular check-ins, and more. We agree on the intensity and frequency from the outset so that we know exactly what to expect from each other.

What you can expect

I work in partnership and don't collude with your role as a leader.

The work is always be-spoke. It's never a one size fits all.

It feels safe.

Conversations are true. There are no simulations or role-plays.

There is no magic bullet. You'll have to do the work.

It's challenging and you'll hit stumbling blocks. But you'll be well supported to overcome them.

It's fun, enjoyable, and empowering.

We focus on reducing dependency and encourages autonomy.

Progress will be observable and measurable. That's how we'll measure impact.

What do other leaders say?

Alex has been coaching me for about 6 months. We started with a comprehensive deep-dive into my personality and business traits based on a very accurate assessment tool. Based on that we organised a plan for the following months to achieve my goals and targets. Over the last few months, he has provided me with a lot of clarity on my business and personal goals. I have managed to become more productive, a better leader and free up time for things I always wanted to do. I can't recommend Alex enough for his detail-oriented processes, integrity and coaching abilities.
Raj Anand
Ceo & Founder, Goodman Lantern
Our coaching helped me better understand the perception that people around me (stakeholders, team and upper management) have about my behaviour and opinions. Also, it helped me understand what is the best way to communicate certain messages to people taking into consideration their perspective. He was an exceptional coach and his style fit very well with mine and I have really enjoyed our conversations. As a result, I was able to (1) sort out complex situations that I would have handled differently in the past, (2) make better team decisions, and (3) improve my communication around strategic messages to the team.
Senior leader, CMO
Technology scale-up

Let's connect

Let’s schedule a 30 mins conversation together. It gives us an opportunity to get to know each other, and a better sense of whether we could work together, based on your specific context.


By investing time in developing yourself, your team and your organisation, you can achieve long-term success:


At the same time, you'll be able to avoid failure. This is true because: