1:1 Executive Coaching

When is executive coaching useful?


  • Dealing with the pressure of reinventing the business
  • Worrying about key relationships
  • Feeling stuck or not sure how to move forward
  • Developing leadership capability
  • Prioritising self-care and avoiding burn-out
  • Letting go and delegating

How does it work?

My role is to work alongside you as your thinking partner, providing enough challenge and support so that you feel heard, and are able to work through your thinking. We’ll aim to get to the heart of the matter quickly, and engage in simple conversations with purpose and direction, enabling you to take stock and move forward with clarity and confidence.

As an executive coach, I have experience and authority in working in an organisational context, thereby understand the conditions, challenges and complexities or organisational life.

Your role is to engage with the process in an open way, with honesty, flexibility and curiosity. We believe that the work we do will not only impact you as an individual, but your team, your organisation, your stakeholders and beyond.

The executive coaching cycle

Discovery and scoping

We will kick-off with an initial conversation to get to know each other better, understand the request for coaching and your motivation, together with your high-level goals. As each partnership is different, we will design the next steps according to your needs. You will be invited to do some further self-reflection, and possibly take psychometric assessments and 360 leadership feedback. We can also involve organisational sponsors to align together on the broad direction of travel, share mutual expectations, establish ongoing support, partnership and accountability.

Assessment and debrief

You will receive a personalised executive report with insights into your strengths, development areas and how your personality helps or hinders in developing leadership competence. The detailed feedback session will help raise your self-awareness, understand what traits you display when you’re at their best and how you might derail in times of stress or unusual conditions, your reputation and potential impact on others. We use robust psychometrics assessments like Hogan Assessments and NEO Primary Colours® of Leadership.

360° leadership feedback

You will receive personalised feedback from Senior colleagues, Peers, Team members and significant stakeholders. The Primary Colours of Leadership 360° report (sample) provides behavioural insights into your preferred leadership styles and temperament, top strengths and development areas, suggestions on how you can increase your leadership effectiveness. In the process, you will be able to benchmark your effectiveness against a significant global norm group of senior leaders.

Personal coaching plan

Taking into account your unique context, personality and leadership effectiveness, we will co-create a personalised coaching plan. This will cover clear focus areas, criteria for success, resources needed, roles and responsibilities. A final version can be discussed and agreed in a three-way together with your business sponsor.

Learning alliance

We will design and implement a clear strategy on how others can support you in implementing the coaching plan. Business sponsors, team members and significant stakeholders can contribute in different ways, for example through offering direct feedback, resources, observations, mentoring, holding accountability and more.

Executive coaching sessions

We will have a series of 60-90 minutes coaching sessions focused on specific outcomes. Coaching is a conversation that is supportive and challenging, in which the person feels heard and knows things at the end that they did not know at the beginning that will make a tangible difference to what they do or feel or think. As your coach, I work alongside yourself as a thinking partner, holding a safe and confidential space for you to think through your questions and gain new insights, so that you can move forward into action with clarity and confidence. Our work is focused on who you are as a whole person, as a unique individual, equipping you with the resources and confidence to adequately respond to the present and emerging challenges in your organisation.

Progress review

We take time together to review progress against your personal coaching plan. This can involve reflection on practice, integration of learning, processing challenging experiences, celebrating progress and milestones. The purpose of this is to maintain focus and motivation, and drive accountability.

Refinement and improvement

We constantly re-contract, pivot and adjust based on what is actually happening and emerging in your reality and context. This ensures that your coaching plan evolves and refines over time.

Evaluation of impact

We evaluate the effectiveness of the overall programme in two main ways: (1) evaluation conversation with yourself and your business sponsor to assess satisfaction and achievement of expected outcomes, (2) based on the results of the 360° re-take to compare behavioural assessment from before & after the programme.

Over to you.

I’m inviting you to press pause. A pause to think, reflect, take stock, gain clarity. 

If you:

  • are a Founder, CEO or Senior leader in a young entrepreneurial organisation, and
  • are looking for support for yourself and/or your team, and
  • would benefit from a confidential informal conversation about your particular aspirations and context

… then let’s grab a virtual coffee or tea together. 

Slow down in order to accelerate.

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