1. Facilitate change management projects for teams. >>

I designed this program for teams that plan to make big changes in order to become better at what they do. Usually, team-members are informed about the change that is imminent and irreversible and don’t feel they are part of the change project. The purpose of this program is to help managers shape their desired outcome when planning change, and finding a way to get there with all resources and minimum costs. It also helps individuals affiliate to the team, as they are part of the process.

This is how I help teams with this issue:

  • Document change and plan implementation:
  • Design and deliver Executive Briefing on Change;
  • Design and deliver Workshop for Managers;
  • Design and deliver Workshop for Employees;
  • Support change.

2. Apply individual and group profiling tools for development. >>

I am a Life Styles Inventory™ and Group Styles Inventory™ Certified Consultant with Human Synergistics. The Circumplex is an evidence-based product of extensive research into the behavioral effects of thinking patterns and self-concept. It describes 12 thinking styles and groups them as being constructive, defensive or offensive. The instrument is used both at individual level and at team level. There are three levels of commitment that go abroad when working with these instruments: awareness, acceptance and action.

Individual process (Life Styles Inventory™):

  • Self-evaluation
  • Other’s evaluation (optional)
  • Generating the report (approximately 50 pages)
  • Interpreting the report (individual discussion)
  • Action Planning
  • Coaching for support

Group process (Group Styles Inventory™):

  • Design the workshop with the managers
  • Deliver the workshop with the entire team
  • Facilitate problem solving and action planning
  • Coach and offer support for implementation

3. Coach teams from organizations. >>

I coach teams that need to produce cutting-edge results and need an external facilitator to help them overcome current challenges.

I coach teams from organizations that:

  • Were recently restructured and are allocated new tasks;
  • Need to improve team structure;
  • Are stuck in conflict and need to cultivate effective relationships;
  • Need to increase personal and team effectiveness;
  • Need to implement performance management systems;
  • Need to implement succession planning;
  • Need to build new strategies and goals.