1. Coach teams and individuals from organizations in times of change. >>

I coach individuals from organizations that currently need support in order to overcome current challenges and produce excellent results.

I coach individuals from organizations who:

  • Just got a promotion for a new role with challenging perspectives;
  • Got demoted to another role and need to get back on track;
  • Are taking part in a change project within the team;
  • Need to design a new strategy and find it challenging;
  • Need different approaches for current problems;
  • Work in highly transversal positions and need to produce results.

2. Perform life-coaching with individuals on performance, wellness and lifestyle topics. >>

The following coaching programs can be applied to a wide variety of areas, including business, sports and education.
The sessions are performed in face-to-face meetings in various contexts that the client and the coach agree upon.

I coach individuals on performance topics who want to:

  • Optimize their individual actions and strategies;
  • Get to the next level of individual performance;
  • Get to know and to develop their personal motivational strategies.

I coach individual on wellness and lifestyle topics who want to:

  • Generate balance between personal and professional life;
  • Manage stress in their life;
  • Revise and optimize their relationship with material goods derived from adopting a particular lifestyle and the effort to sustain the necessary resources;
  • Generate high-quality life standards they can aspire to;
  • Generate new habits that support their wanted lifestyle.