My key differentiator is my ability to implement complex projects in organizations that need facilitators with expertise in training, coaching and consulting at the same time. I am specialized in facilitating end-to-end projects where organizations learn how to learn, handle team challenges and get individuals moving towards results, thereby increasing overall performance.

You can also download a full 8 page description of my expertise here (PDF).

I currently develop and apply my work in United Kingdom and I am experienced in delivering these programs both in Romanian and English.




  • Assisting organizations in designing and implementing learning systems
  • Assisting training teams in connecting people to operational processes
  • Delivering tailor-made training programs on soft skills
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  • Facilitating change management projects for teams
  • Applying individual and group profiling tools for development
  • Coaching teams from organizations
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  • Coaching individuals in times of change
  • Performing business and life-coaching with individuals on performance, wellness or lifestyle topics
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